[Art] Sad Puppies

EDIT: Annnd I posted this as a new page, rather than blog post, at first. My apologies! This still counts as Sunday’s post, though, and there’ll be another at 5a.m. EST, if I worked the scheduler correctly.

There’s a lot of controversy in the Hugo Awards this year. I’m not sure what the everything-was-fine-before camp calls themselves, but I’ve been reading and enjoying the Sad Puppies the-awards-were-broken blogs and posts on the subject.

Being me, this also involves drawing comics; I thought here would be a good, central spot to store them. I will add future Sad Puppies fan art to this post when and if it comes.


How #SadPuppies Met #GamerGate

The Future of the Hugo Award (if Sad Puppies fails), suggested by Timid1 on a post at Mad Genius Club (specifically, There Hugo Again:

Another piece inspired by that same commenter in that same thread. (It’s my least favorite, but I post for completeness.) Cruella Takes a Stand:


And that’s all for now! If you have any suggestions, do feel free to make them–I really enjoy drawing the ideas other people come up with.


8 thoughts on “[Art] Sad Puppies

      1. I tend to find a lot of my best projects started as “jokes.” 😀 *hinthint*

        (…seriously, the comment stream only goes 3 deep? I’m gonna have to muck around with my settings…)


      2. I think 10 is the maximum setting. The downside is that you end up with 20-character wide replies because WordPress has this obsession with blank spaces down the sides of their formats.


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