My husband and I got a dog!

The human society called him Brother, though he didn’t answer to it. So we’re calling him Widget. We think he’s a foxhound of some sort or another. Either way. The big selling point is that he’s ten years old, fairly chill (so long as there’s no cats involved), and doesn’t seem to care one way or the other about the baby.

We’ve had him a few days now, and the big issue so far is that he’s really good at getting out the door when he wants to, and not inclined to come back. Given that Tidbit is staggeringly close to being a toddler… this could be bad. But hopefully we can work it out soon. (Particularly once we fence in the back yard the rest of the way and he can run as much as he cares to.)

So, please welcome Widget to the family!
Other than that… I think I’d like to spend some time talking about yesterday, because yesterday was fantastic.

You have those types of days sometimes, you know? Nothing’s particularly special about them, but they manage to shine anyway.

And I think a big part of it this time is the weather. It’s late May, but it feels as though it was practically yesterday that we were still getting snow–that we were all told to work from home for two days because of a massive March blizzard. It took a long time to shake off the cobwebs of this winter, particularly spent as it was trapped inside with an increasingly energetic baby.

Yesterday was the day it fell off. There was no rain, unlike so many recent days, nor particular wind. It was warm, it was green… it was perfect.

I took the dog on a decent walk. I’m hideously out-of-shape–I hear this happens a lot when you have a baby and are suddenly too exhausted to think, but she’s one now and I need to stop using the excuse–but it was really nice to get out in the world, just me and my dog and the sunshine.
Also, my husband got me a just-because present–a RocketPad. Reviews forthcoming after I’ve used it a while. Basically, it seems like this is going to be ideal for hand-written notes–and I think I’m going to have to get an EverNote account, as it seems like that’s the perfect service to link it to. I don’t think it’ll be good for manuscript pages (which need to be typed) or drawings (which… I’m good at ballpoint pen drawings, but I think I’m going to ruin the surface of the notebook with all the erasing I do).

On the other hand, I think it’ll be perfect for hand-written notes, and I hope to get more of those. (Maybe I’ll even let you see them, someday.)
Work on the novel continues apace–I’m at the Lowest Point, with only the Last Battle and Denouement to go. I think I’ll be finished in the next few weeks (depending on how fast it all goes–the final battle is a little up in the air so far), and then I’ll be able to say that I finished it within three months. Which is awesome!

Except then I have to fill in a few missing scenes, so maybe it won’t count until then. Either way.
Anyway, wish me luck, and enjoy Today’s Ballpoint Work Sketch. I think I’ve almost got the height difference down.



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