Flights of Fancy

I’ve a tendency–and I’ll be the first to admit it’s a weakness of character–to grab onto new shiny things to avoid what I’m stressed about.

And it’s not wholly a bad thing. Half of my comic projects were born of this sort of thing, and they were frequently pretty neat.

Thing is, pulling that sort of stuff when I’m in my late teens/early twenties, single, and childless is way, way different from when I’m thirty, and married with a child. I’m good at a lot more things, and I’ve got a lot less time to explore them.

It’s time to dig my nervous energy into core competencies.

Now, there are some awkward parts of this. For one, one of the things that’s causing me stress at the moment is–and this is going to sound crazy–being worried about finishing my book.

Seriously, I’m dead-solid almost done. And I’m scared, because it’s got a lot of fairly unacceptable content (the whole premise is a love story between a sixteen-year-old high school junior and the thirty-year-old assigned by his cult to have a baby with her), because a lot of it has to be rewritten (the characters have changed a lot since the project started), and I’m worried it’s going to be terrible no matter what I do.

And that means I need to take my flighty “I know! I’ll become an audiobook narrator!” and crush it down into fuel for the things that actually might happen.

Blegh. Discipline. There’s a core competency I just don’t have yet.

Maybe *that* can be my shiny new project.

Anyway, let’s have a full-body pen sketch for once.



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