Oh, I need to post…

I had such a good, relaxing day that I forgot I had an obligation!

As much as the best time to do this is when no one’s reading yet, it’s still a bad habit to get into.


You know that situation where you’re doing someone a favor, and it gets way bigger and more irritating than you thought, and they aren’t really helping you feel good about doing it, but you don’t want to back out because it’ll be mean?

DO IT. You will feel so much better.

I told the guy I drive to work that I’m not doing it anymore. And I feel as light as a cloud. The fact that he doesn’t have a car or license, and the bus takes hours, stayed my hand before… but that is just SO not my problem.

Good day.

Have a drawing. She’s wearing a bandana because I screwed up her face.



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