Size and Shape

A problem I’ve been having is that I have no idea what one of the main characters looks like.
I mean, it’s not the hugest problem. I was a fair amount into the book before I realized that Michael was comparatively tiny, and that wound up being an fairly formative part of his character. (That is, one of the big reasons he learned to stab quickly and get out is that… he’s *never* been big enough to even seriously consider a fistfight winnable.) As the story’s gone, I’ve thrown in more-or-less random descriptions of Tess and hoping some stick.
Some have. My husband came up with her having multi-colored hair–the type that happens when you dye it one color, then try to dye it another after it starts to grow out, and then letting it grow out again without dying it at all. That makes sense. I also decided she was fairly tall, just as a contrast to Michael.
But other than that, nothing. And I’ve *never* been able to come up with a drawing that actually seemed like her.
Well, that’s still true. But I think I’ve come up with another aspect: <I>She’s that particular brand of gangly-skinny that comes after a major growth spurt.</I>
The concept that she was thin never occurred to me–she’s a bruiser, she’s introduced into the book physically assaulting her rival. She’s quick to hit things. It makes <I>no sense</I> that she’d be skinny.
But… growing up doesn’t make sense. And frankly, it echos her internal character pretty well to… to look stretched-out and not quite complete, to have the parts of her body not quite fit well together. The fact that it doesn’t match the concept she has of herself just makes it better.
(I also don’t see it affecting the first fight much–her rival is a slick backstabber who’s almost a foot shorter than her, she won’t put up much of a fight.)
Sorry for the big gap; as the last post probably indicates, I was having a little bit of internal trouble. But I’m feeling much better now, and ready to face the future.
I’ve also got a couple of ideas floating that I hope will make good posts, I just haven’t managed to pin them down yet. (Yammering about the process behind a book you can’t read yet is… well. Tacky. But I figure after most of a week’s absence, it’s better to have *something*.)
In short: Dean Aeillo, review of RocketPad, setting up a magic system, and musings on real-world settings for fantasy (my favorite subtrope has always been “real-world people come across hidden magic”.)
And there’s the Return of the Ballpoint Pen Sketch. This totally isn’t Tess, even if it was supposed to be–but I’m learning a lot trying to get these things across.

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