Bored Baby Center

One of the things I always like to see in other people’s blogs is fun things they’re doing with their children.

So this seems like a good place to do the same.

Yesterday was the grand opening of a new park in town. I hadn’t had any concept of it–it wasn’t until I called up my more-knowledgeable friend yesterday about what his plans were for the day that I learned. Because I had the Most Bored Baby Ever.

Life is hard when you’re one year old. Yes, you’ve got the run of the entire house and all of the toys in it, but after you’ve pressed the auto-play button on your piano a few dozen times, stacked and knocked down your foam blocks a few more, and unwound the tissues from the roll, there’s just nothing else to do.

Having taken her out on multiple occasions by this point–rolling around the block in her little coup that I got at a yard sale (picture forthcoming later), or taking her to the grocery store in her stroller–I was getting a little frustrated at the inability to divert her and I called my friend.

That’s where I learned.


And it was awesome! I came at the tail end of the celebration–but I’m glad for that, because it was busy enough then, I couldn’t imagine what it would be before. (She was playing on the equipment for kids a bit older than her–the baby-station didn’t actually have anything that interested her–and there was plenty of space for the older kids to go around and over her.) But boy, do I have a Bored Baby Center to go to when I need.

I also met several other parents. I didn’t exchange any contact information, but I figure that you meet friends this way, by bumping into them repeatedly in the same locations. Of particular interest was a Ukranian couple with a boy three months older than my girl, but significantly more timid. (Hoping I can bump into them with Bill sometime–he actually speaks rudimentary Russian and spent a good amount of time in Ukraine.)

Anyway. Today, it is significantly hot, and we’re trying to arrange plans to cook out with friends at a beach. I need to go arrange my things. I found sunblock; I’d already assembled swim-gear from before we learned the public pool was closed; now it’s just time to get picnic gear.

Instead of directly posting a ballpoint pen sketch, <A HREF=”″>here’s a link to a witch I drew for this month’s SketchFest.</A> I’m hoping to do better next month–this is my only piece, and it took about twenty minutes–but it’s definitely being hard to arrange drawing-time with an infant. (Writing time is somehow easier, possibly because there’s less to make sure is put away.) Oh, well. Next month!


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