On Game-Changers

I posted a link to a SketchFest drawing a few days ago, but neglected a piece of important information I got with that.

See, I haven’t been really drawing in a few years; I haven’t been doing SketchFest, I haven’t been doing Portrait Adoption. Part of it is the pregnancy/having an infant thing… but mostly it was that my computer broke. It’s completely irrational, but I was seized by this sort of… betrayal by my workstation. I lost the heart to draw anymore, because what good was it? Admitting that I still had traditional media, I wasn’t comfortable working with it in that way.

So, fast forward a few years. I still need a computer, but haven’t been doing a good job at budgeting for it. It all seems rather out of reach, anyway.

…and then I draw a sketch for SketchFest and find I still have $73, unclaimed, from a Portrait Adoption portrait I sold a few years ago.

“Bill,” I tell my husband, “how’s this: any money I make from selling art goes toward a new computer.”

“I’ll do you one better,” he tells me after thinking about it a moment. “I’ll match the funds.”

So I know what MY focus is going to be going forward.

Well, sort of. I am so close to the end of my novel that I want to finish that first. (Seriously. Last. Battle. The problem is coordinating the Twenty Xanatos Pileup and, oh yeah, the fact that I’m really really bad at fight scenes. But it’s slowly getting there.) But that’s okay, because it gives me time to think about a roll-out plan. Obviously, doing more portraits won’t help anything if I can’t sell them, right?


This is where I put a link to my gallery. But! I want to point out that these pieces are all a few years old, and not the pinnacle of what I can manage now.

What I can manage now? Well… I’ll let you see. 😉

Caitlin’s Portrait Adoption Gallery.

Finally, today’s Ballpoint Pen sketch. This is another villain from my WIP.



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