Podcast Rec

My brain is a little gone today, so I’ll talk about a podcast I’ve been enjoying.

Critical Role is a group of voice actors playing D&D. That’s all. They’ve been playinawg two years, so everyone’s comfortable with each other and they’ve got a good system set up. The dungeon master is willing to explain injokes for the audience.

And, at least for the first two episodes, I love it! I haven’t been in an RPG in years and years, and I still have a huge fondness. And I just love listening to these guys go through all the same old foibles. My favorite character is the comedic-relief Grog, a large barbarian of some race or another… whose player only pops up in places where comedic relief (or asskicking) is necessary, a piece of restraint I’ve rarely seen from players (and never, ever possessed myself). But they’re all great, and they’re all obviously having fun.

Also, two-and-a-half-hour long episodes is awesome for someone trying to fill up a day. I’ve been listening <I>way</I> too much to politics and it’s bloody depressing.

So, I mentioned the guy living in the boat in our driveway, right? Well, he left! He started on his grand journey to Florida, where he might get a job and restart his life. Bill had enjoyed his company, but we were both glad to have a household of three again.

…except that, after five hours of runtime (after a few days of just floating in the water waiting for the locks to open, I think), the engine blew.

So. That’s… really unfortunate for him. He’s now back in his boat in our driveway again, and while he’s got some replacement parts on order… he’s got a lot of resources to rebuild before he can attempt the journey again.

Anyway, hopefully he gets a more permanent, stable arrangement than our driveway soon.

Getting ever closer to Tess. I think this might actually be her.



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