Fight fight fight

I find myself struggling over a magic duel.

On the bright side, this is very literally the last fight of the entire book, and needs to be followed only by a fairly brief denouement. Afterward, I just have four scenes to either insert or redo and I can safely stick the book in a drawer for a month or so and pursue other projects. (For instance, I’d desperately like to do a short story so that I can have something be fricking finished. And maybe some portraits and a comic or two.)

On the downside, every single fight I’ve written so far has drawn me to an absolute halt, and this is no different. Actually, this has aspects that I *haven’t* dealt with–magic has played a very limited role in prior fights, I still don’t have a very good grasp on the magic system (NOT helped by the fact that these combatants draw their power from a different source than the rest of the characters), and I don’t even have a particularly good grasp on the personalities of either of these characters.

On the other hand… if I can just get something down on paper, I’m all but done.


Frell, I am so sick of this book.

And I still need to transcribe huge portions of it into the document.

Ballpoint sketch. Trying to do more with multiple figures, etc.



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