It occurs to me I’ve never even mentioned what my WIP is about. Here’s a blurb I’ve been working on. Not near finished, but hey, it gets the point across.

MICHAEL WOULD GIVE HIS LIFE FOR THE ASTORIAN PROMISE. And, when he’s recalled in the middle of an important international mission for a secret meeting with the blood cult’s leader, he’s pretty sure that’s what he’s going to have to do. Everyone knows that Asteros’s health has been failing, and that the willing sacrifice of a virgin is one of the only things that can turn back death.

Unfortunately, it turns out the acolyte has got a much harder task in front of him than merely dying.

Now, posing as a substitute librarian at the local high school, the cloistered, socially-awkward Michael must do the unthinkinable: Find a virgin and, in an act of mutual love, make her pregnant with the Perfect Sacrifice, one fit to extend his master’s life forever.

Michael’s always been willing to do anything for his cult. But with love, faith, and paternity all in the balance… will even he have the devotion necessary to go through with it?

And our heroes…



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