Getting Your Head in the Game

I’m having hideous trouble getting into my next book. And, unsurprisingly, it’s partly because I’m having trouble getting out of the last one.

That’s the whole point of writing short stories in between first draft and edits of the novel, mind–why it was always what I’d planned to do. Because the work just finished–the one I’ve been working on since March, if I recall, which is a big deal for someone who tends to pick up a project for a few weeks and then drop it–doesn’t want to let go, and it doesn’t feel like it ought to after four months of occupying main brain space.

(Yeah, it was a long time. It was my first. I’ll get quicker.)

And it’s not as though I’m even done with pre-editing work–for various reasons, within the next two weeks I need to compile all of my book-chunks (located in as disparate places as a composition notebook on my kitchen table, the drafts folder of one of my myriad e-mail addresses, and… well, anyway, they’re scattered, and not even all typed yet) into a single file. So that’s a pretty good reason not to banish it yet.

But I do need to get into my short.

Of course, I think that an even bigger part is that my toddler is teething, I’m transitioning to a new position at a new company for work, the house is in shambles and I’m incredibly behind on my social obligations. Getting my brain onto fictional worlds at all is tough, much less a new one.

But, y’know. I’ll persevere.

Here’s a picture of my initial concept of my main characters. Mimi Medium, a 25-year-old woman who’s been able to talk to ghosts since an accident stopped her heart (temporarily) when she was a child. She runs a low-key ghost-talking business out of a yoga studio in downtown [undecided city]. And then there’s Jake, a college kid whose parents hired her after he died under mysterious circumstances. Unfortunately, he’s not talking hows and whys… and even worse, he won’t go away, even after the seance is over!

Mimi quickly realizes that the only way she’s ever going to have peace and quiet again is to get to the bottom of Jake’s death. But how can she do that when he’s doing everything in his power to keep it secret? And after getting to know him for a few weeks… does she even want to?

I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t have much of an idea of where it’s going. But it seems like a cute idea, and if I can get to the point where I actually introduce him, I think their interactions will be a lot of fun.

…maybe that’s the answer. Just skip to when she actually calls him. Yeah…


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