I’m just about ready for things to stop happening. There’s been entirely too many in too short of a timespan, and I’m very prepared to go back into neutral soon.

(I think it’s even mostly good? But I hate change, even when it’s positive and/or necessary.)

Most relevant to the blog is that I just switched jobs, which means I don’t have a work laptop anymore. Which… means I don’t have a computer of my own anymore. I can use my husband’s, but in any case… I’m gonna try for weekdaily posts, but I’m not going to guarantee it for the next week or two.

(This is one of the positive changes, though. The last assignment was–well, it was extended a month, but it was supposed to end this next week. Making a dollar an hour more, and working half an hour a day less. (Though once training’s done, I think there’s a five-hours-a-week mandatory overtime, which I’m also down for.) Woot.)

Missed yesterday, you might have noticed–well, I had a post up for a few hours, but decided it was too combative for what I’m going for here. So far. I still don’t really have a good concept of what I’m going for here, other than producing daily is a nice goal for getting better at whatever you’re producing. My webcomics were pursued as–and succeeded as–a good way to improve my art.

Actually, yeah, that’ll be my art of the day–compare-and-contrast some of my earlier and later comics drawn. (Barring the zzzz pen comic from a few days ago, I haven’t drawn a comic in a few years, though.)


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